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A better Place for business


Advisory firms trade in talent, and Bridge House Advisors is focused on attracting and retaining the very best that the industry has to offer.

As seasoned founders, over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes and breaks workplace culture.

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We've learned that emphasizing values like education, career growth and passion over the various check-the-box industry standards is how you create a culture worth having. Prioritizing what matters is the driving factor behind this global workforce migration.

Bridge House knows what matters.

It starts and ends with the people.

Just like the historic bridge houses of Chicago evolved to serve the city’s boom in economic growth and prosperity, the team at Bridge House is committed to paving the way for modernization and flexibility in service to both its staff and clients.

When we founded Bridge House Advisors in 2017, we knew that talent shouldn’t be bound by geography, nor limited by experience. Our commitment to being mission-driven and solution-responsible has certainly propelled our team’s growth. Today, we stand 50 professionals strong, across each corner of the country.

And we’re not stopping.

So, how have we cracked the code on what really matters?

Our priorities lay in maximizing flexibility, collaboration and providing multiple career development paths.

For those same reasons, it’s why clients love working with us. Bridge House is an organization run by real humans who meet the client where they are.

Bridge House Advisors is a flat organization – we are eager to establish leaders at any stage of their lives.

On our team you’ll find both seasoned experts and young professionals who also share personal caretaking responsibilities for family members. We never ask our team to hide their personal lives from their work life, rather we embrace those unique attributes and life experiences that strengthen our offerings.

As we tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges in ESG, Environmental, Facilities and Compliance advisory services, we know that finding the right solution will demand a holistic approach.

Let’s talk about culture.

When we hire we are looking for a culture add, not a culture fit. We know that cream rises to the top; our focus on education and growth, and breaking barriers on inner-office politics that preclude career advancement is a priority.

No one is approaching advisory services like we are. Bridge House is committed to

Developing all of our staff to work as teams that eagerly support each other both personally and professionally;

Emphasizing employee development to learn new service offerings and to focus on the roles they are most interested in; and,

Prioritizing that we provide an environment which rewards the entrepreneurial spirit and allows it to flourish.

We share all of the above as prime examples of what keeps our team motivated and engaged, committed to each other and our clients.

Our secret is out.

Bridge House is looking for talent that is boundless.

Our mission: to not only offer a better quality of work than our competitors, but a better quality of life for our team.

We’re working on making work more fun. Join us.

Christer and Steve

  • "Larger corporations today continue to push check-the-box training and administrative tasks, limiting our ability to actually do the work. Bridge House unbundles that corporate burden, prioritizing what matters for both our clients and our employees' success."

    - Stephanie Barrett, Environmental Business Advisor

  • "The young, entrepreneurial spirit at Bridge House is truly a testament to its explosive growth. Today's professional talent are adept at cutting through the red tape and interviewing a company for its values. In that respect, there is no other competition."

    - Kathleen Quackenbush, ESG Consultant

  • "Bridge House’s reputation precedes them. It’s not a place to just do good work, but do good work with good people. Since joining, I’ve had the pleasure of saying goodbye to boring and repetitive work. At Bridge House I can easily support colleagues with a variety of projects where I also have a personal interest.”

    - Maggie Anderson, Environmental Consultant/ Assets Business Advisor

  • "I’m used to being in very nimble organizations where you can create your own destiny, but there are often pitfalls. Bridge House is purposeful about helping to make connections directly with employees and on a firmwide level; in that sense they celebrate both autonomy and provide ample opportunities to thrive together. Moreover, the founders share frequent business updates that allow for both peace of mind and the idea that we all have some skin in the game.”

    - Amy Klabunde, Environmental Business Advisor